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Whether we know it or not, there are a lot of strategies that go into communicating a given message. Do you spend more time thinking about the best way to word a text to your boss than you do to your best friend? That's strategy. Do you ever daydream about what you would say if had a large audience to speak to? Though earlier in the process, that's strategy. Maybe you've deleted a post on your social media because it didn't get enough likes, (as cringy as it is) that's also strategy. As people, we strategize all the time, but in today's fast-paced world, it's rare that we strategize mindfully. Below you'll find a few areas of expertise that I specialize in as it relates to the communication process--from your initial idea to the establishing of your long-term plan.



South Bend Cubs Program Redesign Project

I worked with the South Bend Cubs to redesign and enhance the cover art of their in-game programs and official media guide. Before this project, they had trouble distributing all of their monthly copies and would often include them in giveaways just to get rid of them. However, after my redesign, they printed and distributed over 250,000+ programs, which increased their sponsors' total impressions and ultimately generated more sponsorship revenue for the franchise. 

Each program cover features a different standout prospect from the Chicago Cubs organization which relates to the story I wrote about the player that is included inside the program. The design elements and themes were carefully selected to mimic that of South Bend's parent franchise, Chicago Cubs.

Issue 3/5
Issue 1/5
Issue 2/5

*The South Bend Cubs still use my layout for their program designs today.

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Amaze and Amuse Full Color

- A Modern-Day Magic Show


- Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference

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Date to Innovate typography

- Alternative Health Solutions

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- Online Brand that Promotes Courage and Hope

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In today's digital age, strong visuals are essential for anyone looking to build and sustain a successful brand. Through the use of Balance, Emphasis, Movement, White Space, Proportion, Repetition, Rhythm, Pattern and the other elements of design, I create visuals that transform my clients' vision into a visual that speaks for itself.

Stylistically speaking, I have a wide variety of interests that influence the way I approach design and the conceptualization process. For example, I approach design similar to how Hemingway approached writing and Frank Gehry approaches architecture. In the beginning there are no bad ideas, which allows me to explore roads less traveled by other designers. As result, I believe if you're willing to put in the time, then you will discover a world of imagination and possibilities that can then be refined into something wonderful.

In this way, my design services are fully customizable in a way that allows my visuals to communicate the perfect message from the smallest details on up. 


Hockey Team - Portfolio Design

Milwaukee Redhawks Primary Logo
Milwaukee Redhawks Alternate Color Logo
Milwaukee Redhawks Black and White Logo

Contact me to explore how we can work together to create a excellent visual presence for your brand.


Soccer Team - Portfolio Design

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*More artwork available upon request




Thanks to my diverse skill set, understanding of multimedia, the Adobe Suite, and digital storytelling, I have had the opportunity to work as Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, and Talent in a number of projects. As a result, I have an extensive understanding of the production process and know how to streamline a project from the first shot to the final caption. In this process, I draw from the influences of amazing storytellers such as Ken Burns, Simon Sinek, James C. Humes, Nate Staniforth, and many more.

Courage Over Fear - Marathon Documentary

This is the Official Courage Over Fear Documentary that details my experience training for and running the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in a straitjacket and attempting to escape it just before crossing the finish line. This journey lasted almost 2 years from start to finish. I came up with the idea in the summer of 2018, ran the race in November of 2019, and had the documentary finished in July of 2020. As I look back in lieu of recent events I now realize this message was ahead of its time. I hope this inspires you to keep moving forward regardless of what life throws at you and reminds you that Courage is ALWAYS a continual choice! 👊💪

Steve Cabe: A Quick

3-Year Recap

In today's digital age, keeping a viewer's attention for 30-seconds can be a challenge let alone 10-minutes. However, this video was edited in such a way to hold a viewers' attention while merging several storylines into one consistent theme -- Courage Over Fear. If you want to get to know me, watch this video.

As you watch this video you will notice several forms of multimedia and editing including video, pictures, sound effects, dynamic transitions, animated captions, motion graphics and more.

Overall, I am very happy with how this turned out especially considering that it was a side project that I worked on while holding down two full-time jobs.



After starting Courage Over Fear with Steve Cabe in September of 2020, I quickly found myself interviewing the likes of Jim Alling (former President of Starbucks and CEO of TOMS Shoes), Matt Johnson (one of the most dangerous escape artists in the world), Rachel Brachman-Zimmerman (Outreach & Engagement Specialist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab), and many more.