A Fresh Take on Comedy Magic

Looking for a fresh take on his website, Trino asked us to redesign his website from scratch in a way that would emphasize the top-notch fun and family-friendly comedy that are staples of his show.

At the start of this project, Trino already had a quality logo and a selected color palette, which included bright red and blue tones. So, we took what Trino already had and combined it with a torn paper stylistic them to create a unique website that stands out above the rest.

Trino's website now includes almost a dozen pages for both public and private use so that all of his business and promotion material can be housed directly within his website to make things easier and more organized on his end. Likewise, this partnership also included in-depth web-management training so that once the site was redesigned, Trino could manage his site all on his own.

Since then, Trino and Communication Engineer have created an ongoing partnership so that whenever Trino needs anything for any of his amazing new ideas or opportunities we're just a phone call away.

The Magic of Trino

A Fresh Take on Comedy Magic


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