A Mind-Blowing Conference Experience for Professional Magicians

Have you ever tried to amaze someone who's job is to amaze people? It's no easy task, but we were up to the challenge, and that's how WonderBash became what it is today.

Being that all the web design, logo design, branding, and business development for this project are based around an annual live event we were tasked with creating a custom registration system, custom workflows, and unique strategies catered specifically to magicians.

The look and feel of WONDERBASH uses a cool, electric color palette, clean stylistic elements, and a simple yet elegant lightning bolt as the center piece of the visual branding scheme.

WONDERBASH - More Than Tricks (Conference)

A Mind-Blowing Conference Experience for Professional Magicians


Web Design, Logo Design, Branding, Business Development, Graphic Design, Copywriting


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