A Safe Space for Teens in SW Michigan

Looking for a way to create beauty from broken due to the passing of their late son Luciano, the Schinariol family approached us to help them design the visuals, website, and digital presence for Luc's Light, a youth music and arts foundation in SW Michigan.

After going through our strategy and creative brainstorming process, the family settled on a ghost light as the signature element of the logo in addition to asking us to design a logo that incorporated Luciano's bass head, a cross, and rays of light. Similarly, the website was designed to follow a similar theme and emphasize the foundation logo bringing light to the darkness.

With the help of the website, brand visuals, and digital presence we built, Luc's Light raised over $40,000 for their foundation.

Luc's Light - Youth Music and Arts Foundation

A Safe Space for Teens in SW Michigan


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