A Timeless Yet Simple Redesign

Simply Health Collective is an all-inclusive holistic health and wellness center based on personal health experiences blended with compassion, understanding, knowledge, and trust.

Located in the heart of the Tetons, they embrace the abundant life and nature surrounding them and use those same principles to guide others on their health journey. So, when they came to us in need of a brand redesign, we collaborated over a series of ZOOM calls to develop a new logo, icon, and brand guide that accurately represented their values of compassion, understanding, knowledge, and trust.

In addition to redesigning their logo and updating their icon (the little leaf next to the script logo), we helped them develop a comprehensive brand guide to assist in their efforts to stay consistent in their messaging across all platforms. Pictured in the project gallery you will find a few slides from this guide.

Simply Health Collective

A Timeless Yet Simple Redesign


Logo Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Business Development


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