Creating a Place Where Dreams Can Grow

Drömgård is a high-ticket coaching service that specializes in assisting high school principles manage stress and burnout. Their mission is to help others plant dreams and nurture them.

Being that Drömgård is a Swedish word for "Dream Farm," we knew it would be important to represent natural elements that prompt nature and growth in our redesign our their logo, branding, business strategy, and website.

The logo is comprised of a simple script font which includes the Swedish accent symbols above the "o" and "a" as well as an original icon design that sits next to the script logo or can be used on its own. The icon design was carefully developed from more than a dozen concepts and incorporates several elements of Drömgård's roots (no pun intended) in the design such as a leaf that's breaking outside of a box/mold. Inside the leaf is also an arrow point up and the to left as an indicator of the positive results that come when working with Drömgård. The leaf also includes two other stems so as to represent alternate paths that may not lead you to the maximization of your potential.

*This partnership was a custom package created just for John (the Founder of Drömgård) as he wanted a full service website, business strategy, custom logo & branding, and copywriting help.


Creating a Place Where Dreams Can Grow


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