Giving New Life to An Amazing Organization

Pregnancy and birthing are incredibly personal experiences. So, when it came to redesigning the Birth Doulas of Michiana website we knew it would be important to create something that is warm and calming.

We settled on a natural color scheme (cream, warm oranges/browns, olive) to help represent how the Birth Doulas of Michiana assist with natural births. The use of nature elements in the video backgrounds was also a strategic move to add to the natural feeling of the site.

Previous to working with Communication Engineer, the Birth Doulas of Michiana were collecting a lot of information on future clients manually and struggled to maintain brand consistency and online organization. However, in just one week of work we redesigned their entire website (both desktop and mobile), revamped their event organization systems, and helped them design and visual presence of which they are now incredibly proud.

Birth Doulas of Michiana

Giving New Life to An Amazing Organization


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