Small Town Big Ideas

Every year Grant County Economic Growth Council (GCEGC) hosts a conference on creativity and innovation to empower small businesses in their next step forward.

Our work with GCEGC started with a branding consultation in which we helped them narrow the scope of their vision. After finalizing puzzles as the theme of this years conference, we got to work on the graphic visuals and logo design. Two weeks later we delivered a new custom logo, puzzle piece PNG graphic (for branding) and text only logo.

In regards to the design process, we were highly attentive to the GCEGC's desire to bring adults back to their childhood roots of creativity and play as a way to encourage innovation in their businesses. As a result we combined two distinct looks that are familiar to children: puzzles and coloring. Hence, the colors used in the puzzle pieces are classic crayon colors while the font/lettering closely resembles a childhood sketch and the top of the puzzle pieces also incorporate a sketch texture.

All in all we, "knocked it out of the park," according to the GCEGC and really enjoyed working on this project.

Grant County Economic Growth Council

Small Town Big Ideas


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